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Olive harvesting net
Antibird net
Antihail net
Windbreak net
Sun screening net
Mulching cover
Anti-aphids net
Frost protection net
Plant support net
Water protection net
Scaffolding protection net
Delineating net
Fencing net
Plaster net
Safety net
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We produce nets and fences for agriculture, garden and building

Arrigoni SpA is a full-cycle textile manufacturer: from weaving the fabrics to packaging the products.
It has, together with the sister-company Sachim, two production units at Uggiate Trevano/Bizzarone (Como) and Putignano (Bari), which occupy a total of about 70,000 sq.m., 17,500 sq.m. of which is covered. Production capacity exceeds 3,000 tons annually, which is equivalent to 42 million sq.m. We have 100 employees as well as an external workforce of about 30, producing netting fabrics for various technical applications.
In the Agricultural sector, we offer a range of netting for climatic control (anti-hail, wind-breaks, shading) as well as biological control (anti-insect and bird protection).
Arrigoni netting is also finding more and more applications in other sectors, such as Building, Sport and Tourism and Home and Garden, in a constant drive for technical adaptation. Our factories are surrounded by countryside and respect the environment - they don't cause pollution, nor do they create any toxic waste. Most products are made of polyethylene, with a limited use of polypropylene and polyester.
The full-cycle production process permits quality control during every phase of production - from the raw materials, granules, dyes and stabilizers to the fabric itself, finishing and packaging. This guarantees a high, consistent standard of quality.
Our distribution network covers most countries in the world and ensures constant feedback on clients' ever-changing requirements. We are represented in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Central and South America. Our widespread presence in Italy is also important: Arrigoni is in fact the market leader in its sector, and our logo is synonymous with quality and durable products.

Via Monte Prato, 3 - 22029 Uggiate Trevano (CO) - Italy
Telefono: +39 031 803 200 - Fax: +39 031 803 206 - Email: info@arrigoni.it

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